This isn’t a huge post; nor is it even a long post: it’s a post about Tsunami Surf finally getting out of the system again for the third time and what that may mean for battle rap.



Smack’s Vol. 1 event was a smash hit among fans even if it hasn’t dropped yet.  The event bowed away from the bright lights and big mainstages and took it to a secluded venue that wasn’t announced to the public.  The big talking point of the event was the fact it allowed MCs to shine without the gas: B Magic got to face off against Ave in a room where Ave’s momentum wasn’t crushed by fan interaction bar after bar.  Iron Solomon made a URL return against Rum Nitty, who’s been pushed to the moon by the URL management.  Shit, even Danny Myers got a plate, as he battled K-Shine and didn’t even have to pay him $12,000.  Surf would excel in this intimate small room setting with his smooth gun talk and fans are clammoring to see the wave get a bag on a smaller stage.

I mean, we all know what happened last time Surf had a big name in a small room.



In 2015, Drake got brought onstage at NOME 5 after a night of battling and got a couple minutes with a microphone in front of the entire Irving Plaza crowd and said a few words that riled them up: namely mentioning King of the Dot by name on Smack’s stage.  Smack, not one to let a moneymaking opportunity escape the clutches of his beard then asked a really, really important question:

“Is this battle between you and Murda Mook ever going to happen?  We gotta hear it from the horse’s mouth.”

which is when Drake takes the microphone, smiles for a second and without any hesitation says:

“You gotta beat Surf first before you come see me.”

This sets the wheels in motion for two enormous battles:

One being Murda Mook vs Tsu Surf with the stipulation that Murda Mook needs to win in order to face Drake.  The story in battle rap with Murda Mook is that for years, he’s been Floyd Mayweathering his opponents: waiting for them to become old and washed enough that he has no problem making it a 3-0 performance against them.  Drake insisting he has to beat him for Drake to face off against him 2 years ago seemed outlandish but the more time spent watching these battlers go at it, the more likely it becomes that Mook takes the bag against Surf and puts on an incredible performance that lets him set off with his sights on the biggest battle in Battle Rap history:  Murda Mook vs Drake.

You can watch the segment with Drake at Nome 5 by clicking here.



Before Surf was arrested, he had a fantastic modern-age classic battle with Tay Roc that established a new face of the URL could go blow for blow with a grizzled veteran and stand his ground.  What came from this matchup was a new two-on-two team in the form of Tay Roc and Tsu Surf: GunTitles.  The group only ever faced off against K-Shine and DNA (Twice!) but they were phenomenal as a unit: so good that there’s lots of teams that could match up against them and create even more classics.  Shit like…

GunTitles vs Hitman Holla & Aye Verb would tear the roof off the place.  Both Verb and Holla have been facing a resurgence in their career and could create one of the best 2 on 2 battles of all time.

GunTitles vs Math Hoffa & Cortez could give Math and Cor the real bump they need to get back into the swing of things: Cortez has been getting more looks on URL lately and Math’s best performances in recent memory are the one against Aye Verb and Yung Ill at the first Double Impact and the one against Rum Nitty and Ill Will: proving Math still capable of being in that top-top-top tier discussion when he wants to be.

Hell, even something like GunTitles vs Goodz & Charlie Clips could main event the next Double Impact: Goodz told Shotgun Suge he’d let him tap his pockets so he could know what real money feels like, obviously he’s got a lot left in him.  There ain’t really much else I can say about Goodz and Clips.  They’re just really good.



Surf is back home.  It’s never fun when battlers are locked up or even worse, when battlers at Surf’s level/the top tier are locked up for doing things they should seemingly be past by this point in their career.  Regardless; it’s super cool Surf’s home and I’m glad we’re likely going to get some really cool matches as a result of it, as Surf is a URL mainstay and there’s zero doubt the window is going to be closing soon to capitalize on the hype.