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Recently, in a Plug.DJ session (basically an internet aux cord) with some of my friends, I had a song brought back to my attention by my friend Carter (who writes for another great blog/publication called The Crate Dig) called 33rd BLAKK GLASS by ZillaKami and SosMula: otherwise known as City Morgue.  Anyway,  I’d heard the song before: it’s one of Carter’s staple picks for aggressive music and as far as I know, it’s his song of the year for 2018.  This is more or less impressive because Carter consumes more music than anyone I’ve ever met; and I’ve met grandfather-aged journeyman musicians.

I digress.  After hearing 33rd Blakk Glass again, it clicked with me.  It was cool before, but it’s better now.  Something about it just hit me, and it nagged me for a good hour before I recognized it.  If you read my piece on The Best XXL Freshman List, you’d know I snubbed 6ix9ine from my picks and attributed that to his antagonism/his exposure being at an all-time high.  I’d like to revise that section and add here that while he’s one of my favorite artists who does the high energy, fast, hard-hitting NY style, he’s no longer at the throne for me.  These guys are.


instagram pic.png

Honestly, anyone with a brain who wants to figure this situation out can do as much as I did pretty quickly.  If you’re just looking to learn about the group, scroll down to the next section.  If you wanna know some stuff about the relationship between these three, keep reading this part.  If you’re ZillaKami himself, SosMula himself or 6ix9ine’s publicist himself, please feel free to reach out to me at to correct any of this, tbh.

You know that part in Gummo that goes “Shoutout… but I fucked that n***a bitch”?

In earlier cuts of the song previewed on Instagram Live, it’s revealed that the cut in audio is actually because originally, the name was SosMula.  There’s history there — not only between SosMula and 6ix9ine, but between ZillaKami and 6ix9ine as well.  The thing is, it’s not publicized history: it’s all hearsay.  The only evidence you can really find about the entire incident/rift in their friendship is either weird blurry screen recordings of 6ix9ine (allegedly) cornering a man who slightly resembles ZillaKami into locking himself in a tattoo parlor, or a bunch of kids on xxxtentacion’s subreddit asking what they’ve heard as if they have any insider information.  Here’s what I can deduce without actually sounding like an idiot.

  • ZillaKami, 6ix9ine and SosMula all, at one point, lived without issue.
  • ZillaKami and 6ix9ine used to make music together: one of the songs (Hellsing Station) being what I’d call 6ix9ine’s best outing entirely.
  • ZillaKami is the one who bailed out 6ix9ine after his charges.
  • ZillaKami is more or less responsible for the sound 6ix9ine uses: evidenced by the fact in 6ix9ine’s music prior to late ’16/2017, he doesn’t use nearly as aggressive a sound up until YOKAI (with ZillaKami) and Hellsing Station (with ZillaKami).
  • Not only this, but ZillaKami’s look of colorful grills and aggressive marketing is also where 6ix9ine got his colorful/rugged aura from: prior to his relationship with ZillaKami, he’s pretty much in all black BEEN TRILL-esque gear.


header 2.png

33rd Blakk Glass is charming because there’s no way you can see this and think these guys don’t live everything they rap about.  It’s a common gripe in modern hip-hop that artists aren’t believable.  Post Malone doesn’t come across genuine when he tells you he sleeps with a .45.  It’s not plausible.  I ran the numbers.  Post Malone, you sleep with a .22 at the very most, and it’s unloaded with the safety on and a flag in the barrel that goes BANG! if you manage to pull the trigger.  I asked scientists, they confirmed that.  Anyway, I’ve put the video below as well as an explanation of everything just in case you blink and miss a 300-round drum magazine on a 1942 WW2 light machine gun, or some shit.  In fact, I’ve never watched this video without blinking, so if I, myself missed a 300-round drum magazine on a 1942 WW2 light machine gun, please feel free to correct me about it on Twitter @culturedboy.  Okay, enjoy.

Here’s a list of notable events going on in this video, if you don’t have time to watch it and/or don’t feel like sitting through 3 minutes of music that might make your baby ears hurt.

  • There’s men popping wheelies on bicycles with the spokes on fire.
  • SosMula is holding a fucking Grenade Launcher throughout the video.
  • There’s a stove, a pot, baking soda and a lit flame.  Do the math.
  • Somehow, they got themselves a Wraith.
  • ZillaKami references Dolph Ziggler in a bar:
    • “Ziggler with the suplex slam, make the ground shake”
  • There’s a small militia’s worth of firearms in this video.
  • SosMula at one point has one of the best types of dead homie bars:
    • “R.I.P. Woozy, I’m the n***a you can live through”
  • They’re smoking whole ass sherm sticks.
  • Ridiculous amount of ass-n-titties going on in this video.
  • Someone with colored grills just dropped LSD.  In the environment I’ve been talking about above: with the grenade launcher, and the guns, and the sherm…  You get it.
  • If you’re bad at math and/or don’t understand bullet point 3: SosMula’s got you covered because he’s cooking crack at this point on the stove.
  • When the video can’t possibly get any wilder, ZillaKami and company go upstairs in an apartment complex, tag their names on the wall, unlock the door to an apartment and retrieve a fucking rocket launcher from under a mattress that isn’t even in a frame.  Like, if your shit gets raided, the cops are going to find your RPG: but I’d imagine it’d take them longer if you at least had a bedframe.
  • A lot of people notice the RPG pretty much instantly, but if you look closer in the two frames with the RPG, there’s also an M72 LAW in his homie’s arms.  That’s two anti-infantry launchers that will definitely anti-any-infantry of these guys.
  • Just when I thought we were out of drugs, a girl starts cutting coke on the coffee table.
  • That wasn’t a coffee table, though: it was a girl’s torso.  And that cocaine is being sniffed off of that girl’s torso by another girl.

Whew.  That’s like quadruple life in a video.  Pray they don’t get Rondo’d.


While Blakk Glass has been the song I’ve incoherently rambled about for 1,018 words so far, they’ve got a legitimate discography you can find here.  I’ve gone out and picked a few tracks for y’all.

YUKK MOUTH is a track that goes over a beat that 6ix9ine also made a song for: called ZETA ZERO 0.5 featuring Famous Dex.  In my opinion, City Morgue did it better.  I’ll let you judge.

WARDOG ANTHEM is a near-3 minute anthem with a somewhat offputting cover art, but that’s kind of their thing.  There’s a notable lyric in here:

“N***as holding guns up that only hold a dozen,

Call of Duty clips, little n***a, No Russian”


If you’re unfamiliar with the reference, No Russian is a Call of Duty mission where you, an undercover CIA agent infiltrates a terrorist cell, killing hundreds of defenseless civilians in an airport before fighting off droves of SWAT agents, getting found out by the terrorist leader, and then being executed.  The takeaway from this is that it’s implied they’ve got the type of shit you were equipped with in No Russian: big ass guns (as you were given a 100-round Light Machine Gun and a 45-round Assault Rifle [with, you guessed it, a fuckin’ grenade launcher])

BABBAGE PATCH KIDS is the most familiar song to most people: it sounds like it’s straight off of an xxxtentacion Lost Songs tape and while that isn’t to say ZillaKami and SosMula are clones of him (because they’re not) it’s supremely similar and I think it leads the way for a pretty dope collab in the future.


Zilla SXSW.png

The issue with such a dope underground group is that no one really knows.  ZillaKami’s inactive on Twitter and has been since February.  He posts on Instagram, but never about music.  The group’s last Soundcloud upload was 33rd Blakk Glass a month ago and SosMula’s social media is more or less just parody-account-esque tweets.  Knowing when they’re gonna drop is a mystery, but there’s so much room for them to grow; so much opportunity to create because now is when the iron’s hot to strike for them.  The sound they’ve innovated/improved upon is more relevant now than ever.  I’m hoping to see a full project.  In addition to that, they just had their first performance at SXSW and while it was near the bottom of the card, their potential and the success of similar artists (with xxxtentacion being one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the world and 6ix9ine doing great numbers left and right) shows that their style has a market they’re capitalizing on.  Pair this with the comments section of every reaction channel’s comment requests being blown up with Shinners13 and 33rd Blakk Glass and you’ve got a campaign to blow up that they barely have to attend to.  Just drop music and the fans will do the rest.

In closing, I just wanna see the two succeed.  There’s only two songs under the City Morgue moniker on Apple Music and the two’s solo work on streaming services is few and far between.  The one thing truly holding them back right now is accessibility, which is ironic considering the circumstances of the genre-bending shit they’re doing now, which is about as inaccessible as hip-hop gets.  If they’d be more consistent with their releases, get on top of their streaming game and get a project out, these other aggressive rappers got a fucking problem on their hands.


  1. Came acoss this while trying to figure out when their ep is coming out (they mentioned dropping a project in July on no jumper but it’s August and I don’t see any new music) and I just gotta say this is the only publication I’ve seen that credits Zilla for 6ix9ines sound so big ups for that, I’m definitely gonna be following this blog from now on.

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