Nothing is motivating me to write right now: so instead of sitting around pumping out content I don’t care about, I’m making the decision to just go inactive for a little bit.

NEVERCULTURED will be back in the end of the summer (or sooner) with more content, new writers, better topic matter and (possibly) a new general aesthetic.

Here, I’ll post a few questions I get asked and some answers to clear confusion.

Q: Where is your video content?  You said you’d be doing that back in February.

A: GPUs cost a lot of money.  I had money to spend on a new computer, but nothing that could’ve edited/rendered and been good at pumping out continuous content in a video format.  Well, nothing that would’ve done that without burning from the inside out after a month.

Q: Where is the piece on Pusha T/Drake’s beef?

A: That’s not a topic anyone quite cares about, to be honest.  No one who seriously gave a shit in the first place was A) out of tune enough to check here for insight and B) cared enough for what extra I’d have to say on the matter.  Push won, though.

Q: Why are the articles so long?

A: Probably because I write them all in one sitting with minimal revision.  I write in a stream of consciousness and then don’t edit it down because with it being as fresh in my mind as it is, it all looks like it belongs.  A goal in the future is to pretty much halve the length of these articles.  Not everyone needs 2,000 words on Fortnite.

Q: Have you thought about bringing new writers in for more consistent content?

A: The issue with doing something like this is pretty hard to explain for me.  NEVERcultured, as it stands, is 100% me.  The site, the promotion, the design, the writing, the format.  It’s all me.  And so when someone asks to come aboard and write something, a lot of that goes away.  The voice people are used to goes away, the format goes away, the way it’s perceived is different.  And that’s not a bad thing; it’s just hard to find someone who I believe really has as much to offer as I do.  With that being said, I do know a couple people I trust to come on and write and if they’re reading this, they know who they are.

Q: Where is the piece on xxxtentacion?

A: I can’t, in good faith, write about x’s death/career right now.  It feels like a clout grab to go out and make something just because it’s fresh on our minds.  Later on, possibly, I’ll write something about him.  It was on my mind to write something after he passed, but going to his memorial kind of changed my perspective.  Long live Jahseh.

Q: Merch?

A: Maybe.

Thanks for checking in.  I appreciate all of you who check up on the site (and I see the numbers: people definitely care more than I thought).