Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding my family and recent events in Broward County, I’m taking a break from posting regularly on the site.  I have certain posts scheduled for the next week on certain days and some drafted pieces ready to go, but I’m not comfortable not being able to consistently produce content that I can be proud of with what’s going on right now.

This doesn’t mean no content — it just means there’ll likely be stretches of time with no content for about a week and some change.  If I feel as if I should capitalize on something and write about it + post (as I’ve done in the past with certain topics) I’ll end up doing that, but I’m not going to force myself to be more daily with my content if I don’t have the desire to right now.

After that, I’ll be back to announce a new content production schedule as well as some other neat stuff I think I’ll have fun experimenting with.

Thanks for being here.  If you’re in the Broward County area, please donate blood.